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Is Your Hair Tie Ruining Your Life?

Oh no. *sad face*

We’re all pretty dependent on our pantali. For most of us, not having one around our wrist makes us feel so naked, just because we’ve gotten so used to instantly putting our locks up in a messy bun when we mean business (or when it’s just SUPER hot, which is like, always in this country!).

Because tying our hair has become such a trivial thing, we always end up putting our hair up in the same hairstyle and same position. Doing this seemingly harmless act, however, is actually wreaking havoc on our mane. Yikes.

Think of it this way: putting the same amount of stress and pressure on that one area of your hair will eventually take its toll. So yes, it’s not a coincidence that you get the most breakage and damage on the part where you always put your hair tie. Over time, you might develop hair issues like thinning and extreme damage. Not cool.

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A quick fix to this problem: Do not stick to the same hairstyle every single day. Shake up your hair routine by doing loose ponytails as opposed to sleek and tight ones. You also have to be smarter when it comes to selecting your hair ties! We recommend using ones that do not have metal clasps, because those have the tendency to pull and tear your hair out. Instead, go for elastic or fabric hair ties that will not cause too much stress on your mane.

Another bad habit you need to break is putting your hair up while it’s still wet, because that's when it's more prone to damage and breakage. 

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