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Just 10 Photos Of Jennie Kim That Show The Best Hairstyles For Round Faces

Saving for future reference!
Best Hairstyle for Round Faces, As Seen On BLACKPINK's Jennie Kim
PHOTO: Instagram/jennierubyjane

There are a lot of "rules" regarding hairstyles for women with round face shapes. But this doesn't mean that you can't experiment with cute hairstyles. In fact, BLACKPINK's Jennie Kim is proof that you can have fun with your hair, and look extra pretty, too! Check out her best lewks below and save them for future reference.

Most Flattering Hairstyles For Round Face Shapes, As Seen On Jennie Kim

  1. Middle part lob hairstyle with two hairpins

    Before, people with round faces were cautioned about parting their hair in the middle. But seeing Jennie look so good in this look, we're about to change our minds.

    BLACKPINK Jennie Kim Hairstyle: Middle part with hair clips
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  2. The Hun

    The Hun is a coined word for half-high bun. Having volume on top of your head can lengthen the appearance of a round face shape.

    BLACKPINK Jennie Kim Hairstyle: The Hun
  3. Classic, super long hair

    This carefree, "just woke up like this" hairstyle works all the time. Bouncy hair can downplay a round face.

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    BLACKPINK Jennie Kim Hairstyle: Long hair
  4. Side part hairstyle with a cute barrette

    Here's a charming hairstyle that can slim down plump cheeks.

    BLACKPINK Jennie Kim Hairstyle: side part with hair clip
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  5. Side braid hairstyle

    Add a scarf or a ribbon to make a simple braided hairstyle look extra cute!

    BLACKPINK Jennie Kim Hairstyle: side braid
  6. Long hairstyle with a center part, plus tiny face-framing braids

    The tiny braids take the hair away from your face, which low-key enhances your facial bone structure.

    BLACKPINK Jennie Kim Hairstyle: middle part hair with tiny braids
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  7. Half up ponytail

    This cool-girl hairstyle lengthens the shape of a round face. Plus, it lifts the cheekbones.

  8. Headband hairstyle

    The quickest way to look put together? Wear a headband that matches the color of your outfit!

    BLACKPINK Jennie Kim Hairstyle: Headband
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  9. Side part low bun hairstyle

    Going somewhere fancy? A low bun like this is super easy to achieve by yourself.

    BLACKPINK Jennie Kim Hairstyle: side part low bun hairstyle
  10. Long hairstyle with layers

    Hands down, a face-framing layered hairstyle is the best choice for round faces because they slim down plump cheeks and define a soft jawline.

    BLACKPINK Jennie Kim Hairstyle: Layered hairstyle
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