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7 Easy Ways To Style A Lob, As Seen On Joyce Pring

Minimal effort required!
PHOTO: instagram/joycepring

ICYDK, a long bob or lob is one of the most versatile haircuts out there. It perfectly hangs in the balance between short and long hair. It's also universally flattering on all face shapes, which makes it a crowd favorite. And when it comes to styling this cut, it doesn't have to be *that* complicated. To prove this, we've listed down seven easy ways to style your 'do as seen on Joyce Pring.

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  1. Hun hairstyle

    Spice up the usual half-up, half-down hairstyle by adding a ~cute~ mini bun on top. 

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  2. Textured waves

    Adding loose waves to your lob makes you look like you just came from the beach. Spritz sea salt spray on your tresses for sexy, bedhead ~texture~.

  3. Classic curls

    Go for tighter curls for a more ~*romantic*~ look.

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  4. Double French braid

    Keep the hair away from your face by parting your hair in the middle and creating two French braids on top of your head. It's simple but it looks so chic!

  5. '90s flip

    Using a straightening iron, flip the ends of your tresses inward. The result: A pretty, nostalgic '90s 'do!

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  6. Silk scarf updo

    There are days where you simply can't be bothered to do anything ~fancy~ to your hair, but you still want to look presentable. What you can do is put your tresses up in a bun and tie a silk scarf around your head. You'll immediately look like you exerted a whole lot of effort on your lewk!

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  7. Modern mini pigtails

    In our minds, pigtails are reserved for little girls. News flash: We can totally still wear the hairstyle as grownups! Instead of separating the hair into two big sections, just take two smaller ones from the top, tie them, and voila—we've got a ~modern~, version of our childhood 'do. 

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