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This Is The K-Beauty Way To Curl Short Hair, According To A Korean Hairstylist

Struggling with waves?
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Just because you've chopped off your locks doesn't mean you'd have to retire your curling iron. It's actually more fun to make waves on short hair, precisely because it'll take you less time and effort. There is, however, a slight science to it. Korean hairstylist Yoon Hye Jin shared her tips with Allure Korea, and here are the ones you should keep in mind:

  1. Curl your ends for a natural-looking wave.

    Hye Jin says that it's easy to overdo curls on short hair, so stick to loose waves like C-curls. Rolling the ends of your hair inwards with a curling iron will give you this effect, adding both volume and bounce to it.

  2. Position your hair and iron properly to avoid dents.

    For curling irons, take note of the curve of the barrel and make sure that your hair is positioned there before pulling. For flat irons, position your hair and the iron horizontally. She also recommends slowly moving the iron downwards instead of doing a quick zigzag motion, and to hold on to the ends of your hair while curling to give yourself more control.

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  3. Curl the front part of your hair if you don't have time.

    Can't be bothered to do a full wave sesh? Cheat a "done" look by adding C-curls to the hair that frames your face such as your bangs, the baby hairs near your ear, and the "sideburns" or the area that frames your jawline.

  4. Use the right tools.

    Hye Jin recommends 28mm curling barrels for short hair. Any size that's smaller or larger would create C-curls that are either too tight or too loose. If you prefer curling with a flat iron, she suggests getting ones with curvy, semi-circular sides to prevent dents.

Check out the video below to see all these tips in action and more!

Best Tips For Curling Short Hair | Allure Korea

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