You Will Be Obsessed With Kendall Jenner's Short Hair

She looks AMAZING.

It’s definitely the season for dramatic hair changes in Hollywood! Just in time for the summer, Kendall Jenner chopped off her long locks for a shorter, sexier, and fresher mane. Kenny gave us a sneak peek of her look on Snapchat, and tbh, we weren’t sure if it was a wig or her actual hair at first:

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Show off those collarbones, K!

On June 11, the 20-year-old model was spotted attending the GOLF fashion show with her brother-in-law, Kanye West, and her hair was noticeably shorter:

Just today, Kendall posted this photo on her Instagram page, showing off her new locks styled in a casual half bun:

Girl, ang ganda mo.

No *official* word yet if Kenny really did cut her hair, but she definitely looks fantastic with short hair! We think this could be the work of the Kardashians' go-to hair genius, Jen Atkin. Just last week, Jen unveiled Khloe Kardashian’s short blunt textured bob:

You look amazing, Kendall!

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