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Kim Kardashian's DIY Beauty Fail In Her Throwback Photo Is So Relatable

Kourtney spilled the secret on Kim's post!
PHOTO: Instagram/kimkardashian

Do you know what's better than obsessing over the Kardashians' trademarking of body parts, ingenious makeup tricks, ever-changing hairstyles, and hair colorsObsessing over them from *before* they were rich and famous.

While Keeping Up With The Kardashians is continuing to film in quarantineKim is busy amusing herself with lockdown activities, and she’s unearthed some absolute *gems* from Kris’ archives.

Take, for example, this snap she posted on Instagram a couple of days ago, which featured the most relatable beauty fail ever: Trying to achieve chunky highlights using box dye. We've all been there.

Kim captioned the pic "7th-grade coolness" and can be seen sporting a cord necklace, sparkly jacket, and a crisp white shirt.

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Is anyone else getting Clueless-meets-Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibes here?

The picture is also a testament to her literally luscious eyebrows and basically glowing skin.

But the real beauty news (and the reason we're congregated here today, at the altar of throwback Kim) is this little nugget of info from Kim's sister, Kourtney.

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She commented underneath the snap:

"You put cream bleach on your hand and ran it through your hair the day before school started for that cool orange streak."

We see you, Kourt, you rascal.

(Ed's note: Please don't try to bleach your hair at home! It's a process that is best done by professionals.)


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