Wow, Kylie Jenner Wore A Cotton Candy Pink Wig For A Night Out, And She Is Serving

She's making all our pastel dreams come true.
PHOTO: instagram/kyliejenner
  • Kylie Jenner wore a cotton candy pink wig for a night out with her friends.
  • It looks AH-MAZING, obviously.

We know that out of all of her siblings, Kylie Jenner is easily the Kardashian fam's queen of wigs. Homegirl is not afraid to switch it up, and her history of wearing multiple hair colors throughout the years is literally all the proof we need.

Remember that time Kylie wore a pastel rainbow wig to Coachella? Or the other time she went emerald green just because? Oh, and surely you haven't forgotten Kylie's peachy orange wig with the exposed roots, right? What I'm saying here is that Khloé might have a closet for her hair extensions, but Kylie probably has an entire storage facility for hers. And now, Kylie busted out yet another fun wig just for old time's sake.

It looks like Kylie's finally back in California after living it up in the Bahamas just in time to celebrate Victoria Villarroel's birthday—yes, that's Kylie's former assistant who allegedly quit to be a full-time influencer. It's unclear exactly where Kylie and the gang went, but Kylie pulled up to the party in a cotton candy wig, which you can obsess over below:

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This is a pretty huge departure from Kylie's previous hairstyle. During her Bahamas trip, Kylie notably wore her highlighted brunette hair in a super-long, braided ponytail that would make even Rapunzel jealous.

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So, will Kylie's wigs make a more permanent comeback? Hard to say, but God is this making me want to try something new for the summer. To my hairstylist, expect a call soon!


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