Kylie Jenner Now Has Bright Yellow Hair And We Are *Living* For It

Literally a lemon.
PHOTO: instagram/kyliejenner
  • Kylie Jenner just debuted her first big hair change of 2020.
  • She went with long, straight yellow hair.

We're only six days into 2020, and while we're busy trying to finish off the food from our media noche, celebs are out here doing real things that don't still involve searching for and finishing off the last of the holiday sweets. Like, James Charles already pissed off the internet multiple timesKate Middleton wore a fedora to church, and Cameron Diaz surprised everyone by having a baby. It's already been a big year!

And Kylie Jenner has also been doing the most already this 2020, as in, besides dropping thousands of dollars on a Fendi stroller, she also just debuted her first big hair change of the year, and it's SO good. The billionaire mama shared a photo of her new look on Instagram, and she's sporting long, bright lemon-yellow hair that comes down almost to her waist. She also matched her purse to her hair, which is a classic Kylie move:

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And it's a pretty safe bet that this will just be the first of many dramatic hair changes for Kylie this year. Our girl just loves switching up her hairstyles, and she's previously gone icy blue:

Gone super short and red for a Kylie Cosmetics campaign:

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Sported pink hair for no particular reason:

Had purple locks for the 2019 Met Gala:

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And she also went blonde in January of last year:

In other words, who's going to come shopping with me for a long yellow wig?


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