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Late Ka Na Ba To Work? This Curling Iron Will Cut Your Hairstyling Time In Half

Every day will be a good hair day!
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Whether you have a big presentation or expect just a day at your desk, you want to look presentable for work. You might spend a lot of time perfecting your morning routine so that it’s quick and easy, but one thing that always takes time to fix is your hair. Instead of struggling with different tools, try one that can help you achieve different looks and cut your styling time in half, like the JML Airwand Styler. ICYDK, it's Gabbie Garcia's fave styling tool, especially if she needs to get to a shoot, interview, or taping ASAP. But what exactly can it do? Read on to find out!

1. It can style wet and dry hair. 

Picture this: Your makeup looks great, your outfit is on point, but your hair is still wet and you need to head out the door ASAP. Everyone knows it’s a big no-no to use a hot tool on wet hair, but FYI, you won’t need to wait for your hair to dry to style it when you use the Airwand Styler. You can get sleek straight locks or a curly ‘do even if you came fresh out of the shower when you use this tool.

Instead of blow-drying your hair before styling it, remove excess moisture with your towel so that it isn’t dripping wet, and proceed to style it with the hot tool. While it may just look like a flat iron, it also blows out hot air to help dry your tresses.

2. It can curl and straighten hair.

Taking out your styling tools can make you feel like a doctor going into surgery—there are so many brushes, combs, curlers, flat irons, pins, and ponytails laid out in front of you that you can get overwhelmed with the process. Simplify your routine by using the Airwand Styler, which can both curl and straighten your tresses.

If you want a sleek 'do, simply slip sections of your hair between the plates to straighten it. If you want curls, Wrap your hair around the barrel. Since the Airwand Styler also blows out hot air, it will help you hold a curl for longer.

3. It can curl and straighten your hair within minutes.

Only have 10 minutes to do your hair before you need to catch your bus to work? We can relate. Instead of trying to dry your hair with your blow dryer set to hot, use the Airwand Styler! 

With the Airwand Styler’s quick heat technology allows the tool to heat up in just 30 seconds so you can start on your style right away. It can create curls within seconds, and it should only take roughly eight minutes for you to achieve a complete hairdo.

4. It won’t damage your hair.

If you heat style your hair a lot, your tresses might be looking a little dry. That’s because heat styling can cause trauma to your hair, making it frizzy and damaged. So should you stop heat styling completely? No, especially if you use the Airwand Styler.

Its temperature is adjustable, but it only goes from 140°C to 220°C to lessen the chances of damage. Its motor also creates cool wind that makes sure the tool won’t overheat and burn your hair.

For more details, check out JML’s Facebook page and website.

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