Here's Why Lee Joo Young, AKA Ma Hyeon Yi, Changed Her Hair Color In 'Itaewon Class'

Apparently, it took five rounds of bleaching just to get that shade of silver!

Itaewon Class may have ended, but like many of you, I'm still hooked on the show. Every so often, I rewatch my favorite scenes, one of which is when Jo Yi Seo (Kim Da Mi) and Ma Hyeon Yi (Lee Joo Young) finally share a moment of understanding. In Episode 5, after Hyeon Yi perfects her dish, Yi Seo casually says, "Your hair is all rough and dry. You look prettier with black hair, unnie." If you watch the show, you know how heartwarming this gesture is. 

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It turns out, the show's director, Kim Sung Yoon, deliberately squeezed that scene in! During a V Live, Joo Young told viewers that most people who want to get that shade of silver usually go through three rounds of bleaching. But because her hair is so strong, she had to go through five rounds, dying her hair twice as well. On top of that, the actress had to touch up her roots repeatedly just to maintain her look. 

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"The writer put that scene in because he was thinking about the state of my hair," she revealed. 

Silver or black hair, Hyeon Yi looked like fire the entire show, amirite? ;)

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