Liza Soberano's Caramel Hair Color Will Convince You To Go Light

Sun-kissed and so pretty!
PHOTO: Instagram/nantealingasa

With one year ending and another beginning, it’s time to make some updates and upgrades—starting with your hair! If you’ve been slacking off in the dye department and allowed your roots to grow out, you’re going to want to book an appointment as soon as you see this stunning hue on Liza Soberano.

From the top, it looks like your standard brunette ‘do. But from the ears down is where it gets interesting, and Liza’s locks lighten into a sweet and irresistible caramel color.

Paired with effortless loose waves, and you’ve got your 2017 look all figured out! You know which peg to show your hairstylist at the salon then. ;)

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