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Maintain Your Mane: 7 Habits Every CG Should Live By

Rule #1: Use the right shampoo
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Always brush your hair before showering.

Doing so helps alleviate the hassle of tangled tresses post-shower. Make it a point to condition your hair with a few brush strokes before getting it wet. Remember, wet is when your hair is at its weakest and most vulnerable to knots.

Make sure you lather with intent.

Young hair is nearest to the scalp and contains the most oil. The ends of your hair, however, are susceptible to dryness. Follow this rule of thumb: lather from root to end. And don’t drown your crown in a handful of product. Massage it in with purpose and your head will be thankful for the spa-day you treated it to.

Go gentle on strong coloring products.

So you want to be a bit sassy and dye your hair a fiery red. Nah, redheads are so Emma Stone circa 2012, so you think an icy blonde would suit you better. But wait, you’re feeling experimental and that almost-neon shade of green your salon suggested might be a great new look. All that ammonia, peroxide, and other harsh chemicals are not only unhealthy for your hair, but for your wallet as well.

Don’t go all beastmode when drying your mane.

Go easy when towel-drying a damp head of hair. Disturbing your hair cuticles is the best way to a dull 'do. And it kind of hurts, too! #ouch

Get a little fishy and nutty when it comes to your diet.

Know what nutrients benefit you in the long run. What you put into your body reveals itself in your exterior. Chow down on oily junk food and risk looking like a fur ball of sebaceous locks. Mix some salmon and nuts into your meals for extra protein and Omega-3 fats that give your hair that healthy glow it deserves.

Avoid too much exposure to sunlight.

If you thought that your skin was the only victim of unsympathetic UV rays, your hair is also in danger of dryness and damage. Hats might not suit your style, but a handy umbrella can always be the perfect BFF for sun protection.

Choose a shampoo that addresses more than one hair concern.

The concerns being: beauty and scalp protection. If your hair is frizzy and dry, try Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky Shampoo, which helps rid the scalp of dandruff irritations while still giving your tresses that healthy shine. It's so good, we even named it our Cosmopolitan Hair Fab Find!

Click here to get more tips for your hair and here to grab a bottle of Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky Shampoo from Zalora!

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