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Maricar Reyes' Pixie Cut Will Convince You To Chop Your Hair ASAP

We investigate deeper into Maricar Reyes' super short hair.
PHOTO: Instagram/studiofixbyalexcarbonell

I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to try a pixie cut. Just the thought of seeing a pile of my chopped hair on the floor of a salon already terrifies me. I also see it as a high-maintenance 'do because of the thrice-a-week salon trips I may have to do to maintain its shape and style. I'm worried that I would need tons of styling products to tame baby hairs and cowlicks, too.

Which brings me to Maricar Reyes-Poonone of the ladies who dared to go super short after many years of sporting long locks. I noticed that she's been wearing the same 'do for almost two years. What could be her secret?

According to her hairstylist, Alex Carbonell, it's all in the way Maricar's hair was cut. The length in the front just requires blast-drying, and the super short razored back won't need trims until after a month. 

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Here's how her hair looks sans a glam team:

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Conclusion: Maricar's haircut can be filed under the wash-and-wear category. 

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