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How To Style Your Pixie Cut In 3 Steps, According To Maricar Reyes

Most of the hair products she uses are below P300!
PHOTO: Instagram: maricareyespoon

A pixie cut is definitely not the wash-and-go type of hairstyle. Maintaining its style and shape requires regular trims and a daily styling routine—something that Maricar Reyes seems to have already perfected! The actress has been maintaining a pixie cut for years, and recently, she dyed it in a luminous pink shade.

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In a three-minute clip she posted on Instagram, Maricar reveals how she styles her pixie cut on a regular day, including how she keeps her bleached hair looking soft and voluminous. It involves four steps: Blow-dry, condition, style, and set. 

Here are the exact products Maricar uses to style her edgy hairstyle:

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Ichikami Hair Styling Wax 

Maricar uses this to condition her locks after blow-drying. "It controls the buhaghag na ends so mas muhkang buhay 'yong buhok ko." (Unfortunately, this product is only available in Japan, so you may want to hoard when you're there!)

Bench Fix Professional Clay Doh

"We need a stronger product with more hold," she says, while reaching for this wax. But because it's a bit too sticky, she heats it up with a hairdryer before running it through her hair. "I make sure to put it on the back to create a kind of wave."

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Bench Fix Professional Clay Doh, P45, available in all Bench stores

Butterfly Shadow Hairspray 

P269, available online

To seal everything in, Maricar sprays this hairspray on the ends of her strands to "lock in the height of [my] hair." 

Butterfly Shadow Hairspray, P269, Lazada  


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