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Sarah Geronimo Gave Matteo Guidicelli Moral Support When He Got A Hair Loss Prevention Treatment

Matteo got needles poked in his scalp!
PHOTO: Courtesy of Belo Beauty

Newlyweds Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli were not just busy shopping for their new home—they were also spotted having a self-care date at the Belo Beauty Clinic in Bonifacio High Street.

In an IG post by Dr. Vicki Belo, Matteo walked us through the whole process. "We are doing this new procedure here at Belo. It’s for hair loss prevention because my dad is bald and I don’t want to get bald, so this is a hair loss prevention thing we’re doing. [The] doctor is putting some special needles," he narrated.

Matteo got a Belo Hairtech MD, a new treatment offered by the clinic. It aids in hair loss prevention and helps gray strands become dark again. The video is pretty graphic—Dr. Belo injected a solution filled with peptides that can stimulate hair growth. Thank goodness Scarlet Snow Belo and Sarah were there to support Matteo throughout the whole process!

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Then, Matteo wore a helmet-like device called Theradome. Dr. Belo said that in the clinic, they consider hair-thinning as an inflammatory process. Theradome emits a red LED light that helps reduce inflammation in the hair and skin.

To supplement the ~intense~ treatment Matteo got, he took home a Belo Hairtech MD aftercare system: "You have a shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum which are take-home medicines. Each contains a lot of different kinds of peptides that help with the hair growth, the thickening of the hair as well as increasing the hair’s melanin which causes the hair to be dark,” Dr. Belo explained.

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Sarah and Matteo's beauty date ended with racing with Scarlet to the lobby. Watch the full video of the newlywed's pampering day here:

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Know more about the Belo Hairtech MD treatment here or by calling 638-8192356.

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