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Meet The Rapunzel Family

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While many of us can only dream to grow locks as luxuriously long as Rapunzel, a woman in Illinois and her three daughters have already done so.

Tere Lynn Svetlechich Russell has never had her hair cut in all of her 43 years. Her three daughters, Callan, Cendalyn, and Chesney have also followed in her footsteps. Altogether, the hair in the family measures a whopping 13 feet. 

If you’re thinking that their hair must not be well-maintained and full of tangles, you’re absolutely wrong. Tere and her daughters paid their first visit to a salon, and hairstylists were amused by how healthy and soft their super long locks were. Tere explained that every time her daughters would wash their hair, they would finish at least a quarter of the product—ang gastos! Another story she shared was how one time, she herself was washing her mane but the water made it so heavy that she ended up on the bathroom floor. Yikes.

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Youngest daughter Chesney, who has 27 inches of hair on her head, has expressed her intent to chop off at least 10 inches. Tere says that she’s absolutely not pressuring her daughters to follow in her footsteps, and that she encourages them to do what they want. Pretty cool, huh?

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World, meet the Rapunzel family:

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