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Mimiyuuuh Giving Her Mom A ~Hair Makeover~ Is One Big Mood

'Hala, hindi pantay!'
PHOTO: Youtube/mimiyuuuh

Ever since the government placed Luzon under Enhanced Community Quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the public has been staying at home to avoid transmission of the virus. With that, people have been looking for ways to amuse themselves and be productive. 

Now that people have more time on their hands, one thing they've been doing or are itching to do are DIY haircuts. Well, Mimiyuuuh, our favorite local j3j3 gh0rL, decided to turn their house into a salon and gave her mom, Inay Bheng, a ~hair makeover~ (Since we all know she's a *pro* at cutting, having snipped off her own bangs in a previous video, LOL). Keep on reading to know what went down:

Mimi, ever the professional, placed a cape on Inay Bheng's shoulders before getting started. According to Inay Bheng, she just wanted a trim since her hair was getting long already. After a few snips, she had a "layered, asymmetrical" cut, before Mimi fixed it and turned it into a pretty decent lob.

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We thought the video would end there, but Mimi decided to also add a fringe! She used a ~professional~ technique called the "twist cutting" strategy to make the length as even as possible. The result? Sheer bangs to go along with Inay Bheng's lob!

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Watch Mimiyuuuh's full video here:


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