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New Hair, Hu Dis? Transform Your Locks With These *New* Hair Products

Your tresses need some TLC, too!
CREATED WITH mise en scÉne

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So you’re a noob yet to discover K-beauty fave mise en scène haircare products that everyone’s raving about. Well girl, here’s what you missed: mise en scène is a popular hair care brand in Korea. Its star product is the Perfect Serum—what many consider a holy grail—is what put this K-beauty brand on beauty junkies’ wish lists and now you can try it, too!

You're going to fall in love with this hair care line because the products let you flaunt the hairstyles of your dreams while keeping your locks silky and healthy. They also have products that target common hair concerns too, so you get to pamper your tresses whenever you can like the queen that you are! Here are our fave mise en scène products to use when it’s time for some self-care:

Perfect Serum Original

The cult item you don’t want to miss: mise en scène’s Perfect Serum Original. We love this for taming flyaways and frizz, repairing damaged hair, detangling, and keeping your hair smelling oh-so-sweet! It’s made with naturally derived argan, camellia, coconut, olive, jojoba, marula, and apricot oil. You’ll also be surprised that it’s not heavy or sticky at all! This serum has an lightweight watery-gel texture, perfect for the tropical weather.

You can also try the other Perfect Serum variations like the Rose Edition, the Styling edition, and the Coco Water edition.

Perfect Serum Salon Care Ampoule

The Perfect Serum Salon Care Ampoule makes it possible for you to show TLC to your locks wherever you may be, thanks to its ultra-portable size. These 15ml vessels are packed with nourishing oils, making it great for damaged hair.

Curling Essence

If you absolutely adore luscious wavy locks, then mise en scène’s curling essences are right up your alley. These wax-slash-hair essences allow you to keep your curls in place while keeping them soft and bouncy, thanks to apricot kernel oil and hyaluronic acid. We love how it makes hair smell lovely, too! These come in two types: one for long hair and one for short hair.

Perfect Serum Styling Shampoo and Conditioner

The most basic of haircare: your humble but hardworking shampoo and conditioner. Well, mise en scène’s upgraded these daily haircare tools by creating shampoo and conditioner formulas infused with their star product Perfect Serum’s seven naturally derived oils. This combo is the best way to give your hair the daily TLC it deserves!

So, we suggest getting your hands on these game-changing hair products just in time for your Christmas parties and the New Year. As the saying goes, new hair, new you!

Shop mise en scène online through Watsons, Lazada, and Shopee. You may also follow the brand’s Facebook page and Instagram page..

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