Nutella Hair Dye, Anyone?

PHOTO: Instagram/hudabeauty

We’ve always thought Nutella firmly belongs in the kitchen (and in our stomachs, LOL), but apparently not. Abed Allahitani, a colorist based in Beirut, is currently trending in the internet for his unconventional take on dye jobs that use—you guessed it—the hazelnut spread.

In the video below, beauty blogger Huda Kattan puts the weird hack to the test by entrusting Abed (and the Nutella) to work their supposed magic. He begins by applying globs of Nutella directly onto the hair, then drizzles it all with CONDENSED MILK. The process transforms her blonde locks into a light bronde hue.

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In another clip, he brushes the Nutella into a client’s hair, before frosting it with even more Nutella and what looks like whipped cream. He presumably lets it set before unveiling the finished product, a gorgeous caramel shade.

According to, the concern here is longevity. "If you want light caramel color, it can last around two or three weeks, but if you want it dark and are willing to leave the chocolate on longer, it will last longer," Abed told Metro.

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Meanwhile, reached out to Aura Friedman, hair colorist at New York’s Sally Hershberger Salon, for her opinion on this strange method. "I imagine that just as chocolate would stain if you got it on your clothing, it might do the same on hair," she concluded. "I'm sure the oil from the hazelnuts would somewhat condition the hair, though it might be a hassle to get it out of the hair after."

But really, are we the only ones worried about ants and mice and cockroaches?! 

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