7 Instagram Shops That Sell Cute Hair Accessories For Your ~Aesthetic~ Needs

We want to buy everything rn.
PHOTO: (right to left) instagram/bling.bop, instagram/holasaidlola

Okay, is it just us, or are hair accessories making a comeback again? Scrunchies, hair claws, snap clips, and headbands are all becoming a part of the ~daily lewk~ of celebs, influencers, and even our friends. We don't blame them, though. Being able to keep your tresses away from your face while still looking stylish? Yes, please!


If you're ready to hop back in on the trend, we've rounded up seven online shops that sell cute hair accessories:

  1. Bling Bop

    Follow them: @bling.bop

  2. Modish Mood

    Follow them: @modishmood.ph

  3. Blingz MNL

    Follow them: @blingz.mnl

  4. Bondi Studios

    Follow them: @bondistudios

  5. Natsu Hairclips

    Follow them: @natsu.hairclips

  6. Revelune PH

    Follow them: @revelune.ph

  7. hola, said lola

    Follow them: @holasaidlola


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