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Here's Why Pinays Are Posting About Feeling #Haaay On Social Media

We all have those days, right?

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ICYMI, visit your social media feed right now and you may just notice that a lot of influencers have been feeling “blah” these days. And TBH, we can relate! Sometimes, it’s really just not your day, and all you want to do is to scream “Ayoko naaa!” into a pillow.

Check out these celebrities and influencers who have been posting about their own #Haaay moments on their social media accounts:

Bianca Umali

As Bianca pointed out, sometimes, things will just not go your way and that’s totally normal.

Photo by Bianca Umali.

Cassy Legaspi

Feeling overwhelmed by work and school? Girl, Cassy can totally relate!

Photo by Cassy Legaspi.

Jayda Avanzado

Raise your hand if like Jayda you've gotten home from work or school, only to find out that there’s still sooo much to do!

Photo by Jayda Avanzado.

Maine Mendoza

Maine is looking forward to that well-deserved break. We are, too!

Photo by Maine Mendoza.

Mika Reyes

That feeling when traffic is so bad it makes you want to cry. So relatable, Mika!

Photo by Mika Reyes.

Yskaela Fujimoto

So not looking forward to the dark circles, baggy eyes, and pagod this hell week!

Jenny Yeo

Feel like life is too short and too fast for you to achieve your goals? Jenny knows exactly what that's like.

Photo by Jenny Yeo.


Grabe, even sa love life, the pressure is on!


The never-ending deadlines, kapagod!


Sometimes you just totes need a break to recharge your social battery.

You just gotta love that these celebs, influencers, and netizens are being extra real about having #Haaay moments. It’s so reassuring when people break the “perfect” image on social media by showing us that #Haaay days really happen in life.

But just because something is normal, doesn’t mean it’s natural. It's not good to let this feeling take over your life. So as its response to these #Haay moments, Palmolive Naturals is encouraging everyone to take steps to return to their ~natural~, positive selves and Turn #HaaayToBuhayNaBuhay.

It's time we deal with pagod, puyat, and stress through healthy, positive, and natural means — and what better way than by connecting with nature! To help you with your journey to "naturality" (think of it as a reset with the help of nature), here are some de-stress tips you can easily do:

1. Work in the sunshine: If you’re stuck making decks and attending Zoom meetings, lower your stress by working outdoors! The fresh air, trees, and vast blue sky overhead not only help calm your nerves, but they also help improve your cognitive skills, memory, and problem-solving abilities!

2. Get in shape while savoring the scenery: Squeeze in workout time! Jog, run, or bike outdoors and appreciate the cityscape, or better yet, the lush and calming vibe of the nearest park. We promise that you’ll be feeling fresh and reinvigorated for work the next day!

3. Wander the wilderness or hit the beach: There are two types of nature lovers: earth lovers and sea lovers. If you’re the former, set out for a hike! Hikes have a way of calming your nerves as they surround you with trees and dewy scents that root you to earth. If you’re the latter, hit the beach where the sound of crashing waves and the warm sand on your skin can help rejuvenate your weary soul.

4. Have a pamper sesh at home using products infused with nature’s essence: Taking care of our bodies is so natural to us humans, so it makes sense why you feel uncomfortable and your well-being suffers when you forget to prioritize yourself. Go back to what is natural! Make it a point to have a self-care day at home while reconnecting with nature. How? Simple, by using products infused with natural ingredients, just like Palmolive Naturals!

Palmolive Naturals Ultra Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner are infused with natural aloe vera extract to help keep the hair feeling smooth and manageable, even with just finger-combing, with regular use, results may vary. These also have a long-lasting fragrance for that #HaaayToBuhayNaBuhay feeling. Complement it with Palmolive Naturals Hydrating Glow Bar, which has aloe vera and olive oil extracts.

Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner are made with natural coconut cream extract, which helps leave the hair touchably soft and bouncy, with regular use, results may vary. Partner this with Palmolive Naturals Pinkish & Glow Bar Soap that has rose petal extract and a sweet cherry fragrance.

No time but now to Turn #HaaayToBuhayNaBuhay with Palmolive Naturals!

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