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4 Pinays Share How Changing Their Hairstyle Made Them Feel More Empowered

“Feeling confident about your hair can help you conquer the world.”
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Last month, hundreds of men and women gathered at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay for Cosmopolitan BEAUTYCON, an event that featured talks from actresses, content creators, vloggers, entrepeneurs, and fashion experts.

Among the speakers were Heart Evangelista, Alex Gonzaga, Kris Bernal, Bianca Gonzalez, Rissa Manaquil-Trillo, Dr. Vicky Belo, and Shaira Luna. Each one shared their key insights on their respective fields, gave valuable tips to young creatives and beauty professionals, and explained how a strong sense of personal style can be a source of empowerment.

During the event, we also met five women who shared how changing their hairstyle helped them become stronger and more confident. Here are their stories:

1. Laureen Garcia, 22

“I used to have very long hair, but decided to go short when it got too frizzy and damaged,” said the part-time model, “I also got bangs. It helps me feel confident especially during photo shoots.”

Laureen already feels that a short ‘do is her signature look. “My hair is low maintenance style-wise, so it's easy since I'm always on the go."

2. Shaira Mazo, 23

“It took a while for me to gather the courage to chop off my hair,” Shaira admitted, sharing how family, colleagues, and even hairstylists discouraged her from getting a pixie cut.

“But when I got what I wanted, it was very empowering. I’m at the point where I’m like, it’s my hair. You should do what you want with your hair.”

When it comes to an extreme hairstyle change, Shaira advises to know exactly what you want. “Come prepared. Bring photos. Find a hairstylist who will collaborate with you. Know their language—do you want layers? A soft look? A blunt edge? It will help you achieve your dream cut” she added.

3. Ceres Alonzo, 23

Although still a student, Celes has never been afraid to try bold, daring hairstyles. She’s gone from back-length hair, to a short blunt bob, and tried every other style in between.

“I’m very experimental with my hair, especially once I realized that your hair will grow back anyway,” she shared. “A good hair day can make you feel good even on a bad day. Feeling confident about your hair and the way you look can help you conquer the world.”

4. Tricie Mendoza, 23

As a fashion major, Tricie looks at her hair as a canvas to express herself and artistic personality. “My current hairstyle is inspired by the ‘80s,” she pointed out, sharing her love for old school movies and pop culture.

“It can be scary to go for the initial chop. But once you try an edgy look, you’ll realize it’s so fun to play with it. Your hair should be an extension of you and what inspires you."

These creative and courageous girls prove that your hair is your crowning glory and should be worn proudly. Before you go for a new look, make sure to keep your hair smooth, shiny, and damage-free.

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