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10 Stages All Girls With Pixie Cuts Know Too Well

'Ang tagal humaba ng buhok ko!'
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Ahh, the pixie cut—it's one of those haircuts you see on your favorite celebs and influencers but you never have the courage to try it yourself. That is, until after you decide na wala naman masyado mawawala sa'yo. After all, hair grows back, right?

If you do decide to say "fuck it" and get a pixie cut, here are the stages you may or may not go through:

  1. You save pictures of your favorite celebs and influencers sporting the exact cut.

    You're definitely guilty of flooding your Pinterest board with pictures of celebs with pixie cuts. You idly wonder if you'd be able to pull off the same haircut. Hindi naman masama mangarap, 'di ba?

  2. You bite the bullet and go to the salon.

    "Bahala na si Batman," you say as you head towards the salon after much prodding from your friends.

  3. You wait in anticipation for the hairstyle that will change up your look.

    You've already shown your hairstylist multiple pictures of Sue Ramirez's and Jessy Mendiola's pixie cut and you seem to be on the same page. You didn't even flinch when he snipped off inches from your hair—push lang! You were too busy being excited to see your new look.

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  4. You are absolutely IN LOVE with your new hairstyle.

    As the hairstylist takes away the cape and runs the brush over your nape, you catch a glimpse of the ~new you~ on the mirror. You look SO good! 

  5. You enjoy the freedom that comes with your new 'do.

    Feel na feel mo ang new 'do mo—you look great kahit hindi masyado ayusin ang hair mo.

  6. You start reminiscing about your long locks.

    After a few months, you may or may not have Googled "how to make hair grow faster" on the net once or twice. You know, just for research purposes.

  7. You desperately try to look for ways to make your mullet work.

    Oh no, you've arrived at the dreaded and inevitable mullet stage. You don't want to look like someone stuck in the '80s, so you bring out the big guns to save yourself—headbands, hair clips, and barrettes.

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  8. You are relieved that your hair is beginning to look normal again.

    It's been a few months, and your hair is finally growing into a nice and chic-looking bob. Thank God you've escaped the crutches of the mullet. Sobrang never again.

  9. You finally reached lob length.

    Yay, after about a year, you finally got a lob. You can now tuck your hair behind your ears, put it up in a bun or ponytail... the possibilities are endless! Oh, how you've missed your long hair!

  10. You see pictures of certain people who just got a pixie cut.

    "Parang ang interesting..." And the whole cycle starts again.

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