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PSA: This Cool Website Lets You See What Hair Color Suits You Best

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Dyeing your own hair is exciting, but it can also be a very daunting thing to do. While it can feel liberating to decide what color to dye your hair, the scary thought of your tresses being unevenly colored—or worse, fried—might just be enough to stop you from DIY-ing your hair makeover. That is, if you’re using a traditional DIY hair dye.

ICYDK, there’s a new and unconventional (in a good way!) hair dye in the market that can make hair coloring on your own effortless!

Enter Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color, a Japanese innovation that uses foam technology to help you "massage" your way to evenly-colored, salon-quality hair at home. They have a Virtual Color Try-On that lets you see what the Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color shade you're eyeing will look like on you!

Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Upload a photo

You can upload your own photo, take a picture using the Virtual Color Try-On’s camera, or choose a model provided by the Virtual Color Try-On (make sure they have a similar skin tone as you). If you’re taking a picture, the picture will be downloaded to your computer so that you can upload it. There's also a cool LIVE MAKEUP option that lets you see how the hair color will look on you in real-time.

Step 2: Choose a hair color to virtually try on

Click on a color you want to try and watch it appear on your picture! Virtually try different shades of brown like Milk Tea Brown, Soft Brown, and Chestnut Brown as well as daring colors like Cool Ash, Deep Violet, and Forest Khaki. Liese also has a Blaune series featuring products that are specially formulated for gray hair coverage.

Step 3: Decide which colors you want to try out IRL

Head to the store and grab the Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color hues that you feel suit you best. Then, start dyeing!

In case you needed a little more convincing, here are a few things to love about Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color:

“Massage” your way to evenly colored hair at home

With Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color, there's no need for complicated things like sectioning your hair or using foil. Just pump out a generous amount of foam and massage it thoroughly into your dry hair from roots to tips, the top of your head, and the back of your head. The foam formula makes reaching all sides of your head effortless!

It's made with hydrating Lanolin Acid and Hydrolyzed Silk

Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color is formulated with hydrating ingredients to keep your strands moisturized and protected. Each package also comes with a moisturizing treatment. After you rinse the dye from your hair, apply this treatment and leave it on for ten minutes, then rinse off.

Now you know the effortless way to DIY dye your hair. Give it a go and you can thank us later!

Try the Virtual Color Try-On and shop Liese Creamy Bubble Hair Color via Lazada and Shopee. Follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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