Pubic Hair Transplants Are Huge In Korea

We wonder if this will ever be a hit in the Philippines.

Apparently, Korean women don’t get Brazilians. In fact, they opt for the complete opposite: pubic hair transplants—where hair from the head is transferred to balding spots in the vagina. According to Refinery 29, about 10% of Korean women suffer from pubic atrichosis or hypotrichosis—a condition where women can no longer grow hair down there due to psychological stress.

Which doesn’t seem like such a problem for us Pinays because we don’t like hair down there at all. In fact, if we had a choice, we'd get our bush permanently removed!

Koreans, however, prefer to have a thick bush, which is a sign of health and fertility. The procedure doesn’t come cheap though, because a transplant can set you back to at least $2,000, roughly about P90,000.

Despite it being really expensive, more Korean women are opting to get the procedure done. According to The International Society of Hair Restoration and Surgery, there was a 78% increase in pubic hair transplants between 2010 to 2012 alone.

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