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5 Tips And Quick Hairstyle Ideas For Busy Girls

Para ‘di ka na ma-late, girl!
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1. Make sure your hair can keep up with all the styling you do!

Tie it up in a knot, get girly with a half pony, or try your hand at braiding. Make sure your tresses are strong enough to keep up with you—don’t skip cleansing and conditioning for hair that’s healthy and always on point!

2. Save time by switching up your routine.

Here’s a life hack you shouldn’t miss: wash your hair at night, and dry it before you hit the sack to save you precious snooze seconds the next morning. Not only do you get to stay in bed a little longer, you also get smooth, sexy locks the next day.

3. Let your hair and scalp breathe every once in a while!

Baby, let your hair down. Let your hair take a breather by ditching hair clips once in a while. Rushing off to see the girls for happy hour? Just put on that red lip! And if you really need a fuss-free haistyle, pull your tresses up into a sleek ponytail—sans the hairspray!

4. Get a multitasking shampoo for great, flake-free hair.

There’s nothing like a trusty shampoo to get your hair prepped without maximum effort. For smooth, silky, and flake-free hair, use a product that allows you to have great hairstyles even when in a rush. Head & Shoulders not only helps you maintain a healthy scalp but helps you get luscious locks, too!

5. The trick to pull off any hairstyle? Confidence.

It doesn’t matter what hairstyle you choose to keep it out of the way during packed days. Make sure you rock it with attitude, and you’ll be able to pull it off without a doubt!

Can these Cosmo models keep calm and rock gorgeous locks under the pressure of a hairstyle marathon? Watch them as they make as many hairstyles as they can in 5 minutes!

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