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7 Major Reasons To Get Bangs Right Now

Snip, snip, snip!
PHOTO: (LEFT)Instagram/ariesmanal_hair, (RIGHT)Instagram/nadine

Are you still deciding whether you'll get bangs or not? Here are seven reasons you should go for a fringe:

1. Doing your kilay will now be an option because your bare brows will be hidden. 

Total time-saver!

2. It’s the quickest way to look younger. 

Remember how you looked extra cute when you were in pre-school? That trick will still work today!

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3. If you're thinking of getting a hair makeover but you're scared to go short, a fringe is a great way to change your look!

Nadine Lustre opted for thick, middle-parted bangs for a subtle change.

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4. You can look fierce effortlessly—full, blunt bangs evoke a powerful vibe.

5. Bangs can help frame your face and enhance its shape.

No need for contour, baby!

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6. It's a versatile 'do.

Flaunt it, clip it, or brush it back. You're basically a hair chameleon now. 

7. You’ve got many style options.

Wispy, full, or side-swept; take your pick. JUST GO FOR IT!

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