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Rhea Bue Uses These Japanese Beauty Products To Make Her Bangs Look ~*Bouncy*~

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PHOTO: (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/iamrheabue, Kate

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Bangs are cute and all, but they have the tendency to look limp and ~lifeless~, especially when you have thin or oily hair.  

Pinay content creator Rhea Bue found an easy way to style hers, and the result looks super cute! She recently went on a trip to Japan (a.k.a. a haven for the beauty-obsessed), and she discovered two things that Japanese women use to style their hair: A roller clip and a "Bangs Keep Fixer". 

Rhea Bue Shares How She Styles Her Wispy Bangs

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"Trimmed my own bangs today just so I can use my bangs keep fixer that I bought from Japan," she shared on Instagram Stories. "I was curious how the girlies in Japan kept their bangs in place kahit na super mahangin then I discovered this Bangs Keep Fixer from Kate Tokyo." 

The Japanese Hair Products Rhea Bue Swears By

1. Kate Bangs Keep Fixer

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This beauty find from Japanese brand Kate is like a brow gel for the bangs. According to their website, it creates a "soft, airy, matte texture" that's resistant to stickiness. It contains a setting polymer to protect the style from humidity and deterioration. 

"I also got this roller thingy na clip style for my bangs," Rhea added.

2. Hair Roller Clips 

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These hair rollers are made with clips so they're easy to use—you don't need to use heat and bobby pins! They help add a bit of volume to your bangs, making them appear ~*bouncy*~. (To learn how to use it, you can watch this tutorial.) 

The good news is, we found these Japanese finds on Lazada and Shopee! You're welcome. ;) 

bangs keep fixer

Kate Bangs Keep Fixer, P943.75, Lazada and Shopee

bangs roller clip

Hair Roller Bangs Curler Roller, P39 - P113, Lazada and Shopee

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