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Cute Hairstyles You Can Do With Ribbons And Bows

It's a lazy girl's dream accessory.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/okayandie, (RIGHT) Instagram/alwaystayoung

TBH, it's easy to get stumped with hairstyle ideas, especially in the morning, when you're too frazzled to think creatively. When all else fails, we often turn to the default 'do every girl has mastered—the ponytail. But there's actually a genius trick to elevate your basic look that requires almost zero effort: Add a ribbon on your hair. 

Yes, that simple strip of colored cloth can transform your basic bitch look to a bae-sic bitch lewk. Get it?  Ahead we round up the prettiest ideas that will inspire you to wear ribbons on the daily!

A navy blue velvet ribbon adds a classy touch.

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Mix preppy and boho by tying a thick striped ribbon around a messy ponytail.

Look retro with this powerful trio: Colored ribbon, high ponytail, and micro bangs.

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Polka dots give a retro feel, too!

Be a sweet darling by placing a white bow on your ponytail.

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Adorn a high bun with a pink silk bow for a dainty effect to a high bun.

This look on Anne Curtis is too adorable not to cop! 

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Make a braided bun look extra with a thin black ribbon.

Organza bows around pigtail buns are ridiculously cute!

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Dress up an undone bun with a black ribbon loosely tied around it.

Black ribbon and a low ponytail make for a classic look.

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