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16 Reasons Why Rose Gold Should Be The Next Hair Color To Try

From copper balayage to rose-gold highlights.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/thefoxandthehair, (RIGHT) Instagram/guy_tang

Rose gold hair has been sitting pretty at the top of our must-try color list, and it looks like the trend is here to stay. From metallic coppery highlights to blushing ombre fades, rose gold locks are winning eeeverywhere from Instagram to Pinterest (and there are no prizes for guessing why).

We scoured the internet to bring you 16 of the ~*dreamiest*~ rosy hair hues out there, so if you're considering a color change, here's all the inspo you'll need.

  1. Faded Rose

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  2. Metallic Balayage

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  3. Rose-Tinted Tips

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  4. Pink-Goes-Gold

  5. All About Ombre

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  6. Melted Rose

  7. Copper Queen

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  8. Rose-Gold Rinse

  9. Hand-Painted Highlights

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  10. Shimmering Peach

  11. Rosé All Day

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  12. Mega Metals

  13. Sunset Gold

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  14. Sunset Tips

  15. Candy-Cool Wash

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  16. Washed Out Pink


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