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Salon Special: A Hair "Spa" Experience In The Heart Of Makati

Makati is a bustling center of activity, whether that activity is work in the business district or pleasure in the shopping malls. Whatever you find yourself doing, though, you're bound to be tired toward the end of the day. If you feel like getting a little rejuvenation but can't decide between going to the salon and visiting a spa, why not do both? Breathe new life into your hair and your body. Cosmo checked out Studio Fix in Greenbelt 5 for some refreshing hair treatments, and a little extra, too.

Regina's Experience: Pure Rehydration
Studio Fix's main man, Mr. Alex Carbonell, took one look at my hair and already knew all the problems I had with it. He didn't even have to touch it to guess that it gets oily if it isn't shampooed all the time, and that it tends to frizz. The guy knows his stuff! He could also see that, though it was healthy, it tended to be really dry.

That's why he suggested I try Studio Fix's HydraCure service (P1,900 for long hair like mine), which uses Pureology's Hydrate line of products to infuse moisture into dry hair. First, my hair was shampooed with Hydrate shampoo, and my scalp was given an invigorating massage at the same time. It was unlike any shampoo I've ever had at any salon, and I found out afterwards that the assistants are actually massage therapists. No wonder!

The HydraCure therapy masque was combed and massaged into my hair. It takes a while for hair to absorb product, and while I was waiting, a massage therapist kneaded all the knots out of my shoulders and back. After the masque settled, they used a moisture machine to inject more moisture into my hair and keep it trapped there for maximum rehydration. Then they washed off the product and conditioned my hair with Hydrate conditioner, which felt minty cool on my scalp. It was so refreshing and relaxing!

True to its name, after my Pureology treatment, my hair felt fresh and pure, like it had been given new life. I have a habit of running my hands through my hair all the time, and though my hair was already completely dry (having been blow-dried into submission), I could really feel the moisture inside. My hair didn't feel brittle and fragile like it was before the treatment. You can tell the difference between seriously dry hair and healthy hair, and my hair felt so healthy.
Trixie's Experience: Eye-"Popping" Hair Repair
Each time I visit a salon, I already know what their assessment of my hair would be: dry and very much in need of TLC and hair repair treatments, since not only is it rebonded and color-treated, I also shampoo it daily (and sometimes forget to apply conditioner or hair masque). So I really wasn't surprised when Studio Fix's Alex Carbonell decided I needed a total hair repair treatment for distressed color-treated hair.

He recommended that I undergo Pureology Essential Hair Repair Service (P1,900 for long hair), which is meant to nourish damaged hair, protect it from breakage, and add shine as it protects the color's radiance. I got to enjoy this treatment with spa-like pampering: wearing a terry cloth robe, sipping mint tea, and being engulfed in the relaxing, subtle scent of lavender oil.

First step of the service involves my favorite part of going to a salon: getting shampooed and being given a satisfying, relaxing head massage. The attendant washed my hair with Pureology's Essential Repair shampoo and conditioner, which had a lovely jasmine and ylang-ylang scent.

I was then led back to my "spa" space, where I sat reading a book as Essential Repair Restorative Hair Masque was applied onto my hair. The attendant combed it through, then massaged it into my hair and scalp, as this is a deep penetrating treatment masque that renews distressed hair's strength and softness while keeping its color vibrant. They left it on for 20 minutes, during which I was given a satisfying hard massage on my head, shoulders, back, and arm, courtesy of the attendant, who also happened to be a masseuse--hence the expert pressure and strokes that soothed my tired, tense muscles. This is an exclusive perk of getting the Pureology treatment, by the way.

Afterwards, they smoothed a flat iron over my locks, with the treatment on, to flatten "bubbles" that form on dry hair strands, to make them smooth and shiny again, since these "bubbles" are what give hair its uneven texture, making it look dull, according to Alex. He even said that the way to tell if you have extremely dry hair is if your hair makes loud popping sounds as the ceramic flat iron passes over the strands; mine made very distracting, albeit interesting, loud sounds similar to popcorn popping in the microwave! The process is also meant to help the masque penetrate hair strands deeply and work its nourishing magic in there.

They washed off the product using Pureology shampoo and conditioner again, complete with another relaxing head massage. I was so relaxed, I was able to take a short nap while in the wash area.

After blow-drying my damp hair, my locks looked like they've just been through another great rebonding session: they looked straight, shiny, bouncy, and smooth. What's more, they look healthy again, like new life was breathed into them. Alex said this effect would last for two to three weeks if I care for it properly, and so far, two days later, my hair has remained beautifully the same. No more dry hair--the treatment "popped" it all away.

- With reports from Trixie Reyna
The Salon
I've always been particular about interior design and the ambience of a room because I think your surroundings influence your mood. Studio Fix in Greenbelt 5 oozes with serenity. The interiors are white, with neutral and natural accents. Just walking into the place, you get a sense of tranquility and cleansing. I felt immediately relaxed, and I loved that. We go to salons and spas to treat ourselves; it should be as stress-free as possible.

The attention to detail in both service and design was just incredible! The custom wallpaper (with little scissors incorporated into the design) was really cute. The salon chairs were really comfortable, and placed in a big area so that you never feel crowded. There's a huge ceiling-high mirror in front of each individual area, lined with Hollywood-style makeup lights. Everything about it is spacious and open.

The staff is really committed to your comfort and relaxation. They offer you tea and drinks at regular intervals, and when you first sit down, they ask you to choose an aromatherapy oil so that your immediate area is filled with a calming scent.

It truly felt like I was at a spa instead of a salon. The whole experience was absolutely first class, and I left feeling refreshed and beautiful. I promised myself I'd go back as soon as I can (probably to end a long shopping day at Greenbelt 5). Hardworking Cosmo chicks like you and me deserve as much pampering as we can get!
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