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WATCH: Sandara Park Recalls How Painful Her *Iconic* 'Palm Tree' Hairstyle Was

'I even cried because of the pain a few times.'
Sandara Park Recalls How Painful Her Iconic Palm Tree Hairstyle Was
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) YouTube/Dara TV, Instagram/daraxxi

When we think of iconic K-pop hairstyles, one that immediately comes to mind is Sandara Park's palm tree (or pineapple) ponytail from her 2NE1 days. It was first featured in the music videos for "Fire" and "Lollipop," and people were amazed at how Sandara still managed to pull it off—a true visual, if you ask us!

Even when 2NE1 disbanded, Sandara would still share pics of herself wearing the said hairstyle on her Instagram. In 2018, she even posted a tutorial on her YouTube channel on how to recreate it because it was really that iconic, LOL!

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Despite the hairstyle's ~iconic~ status, Sandara revealed in a recent mukbang video with Yeri of Red Velvet that the palm tree ponytail actually was super painful to wear!

Sandara shared that the first time she wore her hair up like that in 2NE1's promotions, she was taken aback but she liked it. As we all know, it was well-received, so she requested that the palm tree ponytail be made higher. 

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"The thing was though, the hair was so painful. It was so painful that I had to take a painkiller. I even cried because of the pain a few times," Sandara divulged. She also mentioned in the past that she lost a lot of strands due to her tresses being pulled up too tight. Aww, Dara!

Watch Sandara and Yeri's full video below:

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