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Science Agrees! Your Kilay Obsession Is Valid!

~*eyebrows are the windows to the soul*~

The next time someone tries to argue with you about your obsession with full, luscious brows, tell them that there’s a scientific explanation for it.

Yahoo! Health reports that apart from the brows’ biological function—to protect our eyes from dirt and water—they also have an important social function: they're imperative for humans to recognize facial expressions and emotions. This is why we’re all so glued to other peoples’ arches—you can tell exactly what a person is feeling by the way his brows are moving.

Apart from this, brows have also been found to be a “facial signature.”

Back in 2003, a study was conducted wherein people were showed 25 images of celebs without eyes and another 25 images of celebs without brows. The results showed that the participants were able to identify 56% of the celebs without eyes and only 46% of those without brows. This finding was what led the team of scientists to conclude that, when it comes to facial recognition, brows are actually more important than eyes. 

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You see, your brows do leave a lasting impression on people, so might as well make them #OnFleek, yes?

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