How You Sleep Affects How Your Brows Look

Which is why one eyebrow is prettier than the other.

They always say that brows are meant to be like sisters, not twins and we definitely agree on that one – some days it can be hard to get them even looking like they're related. But now there's a scientific reason for that.

Brow expert Tonya Crookes explained to PopSugar that "eyebrows have different movement" and that they can grow differently to one another. The difference in growth can be caused by the side of your face that you sleep on, which puts emphasis on one side, or the weakness of muscle movements in the brows.

It makes total sense, as sometimes our eyebrows grow differently and can be hard to maintain to look similar.

But don't worry, all you need to do is adjust the way you fill in your brows to get them looking even again. When you apply your brow product, use upwards strokes that will create a more natural look and follow the natural shape for precision and an even finish. Try these 15 second eyebrow tutorials if you want some inspo. 

It's not so bad after all.


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