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It Took 9 Hours For Selena Gomez To Achieve Her Icy Blonde Hair

Her hairstylist spilled the deets!
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If you looked at a picture of Selena Gomez's new blonde hair and thought, "Yes. This. This is the elusive color I have been searching for,"—just hold on one second. If you go running to your hairdresser, they might tell you it will take months to achieve such an icy blonde hue, lest you prefer your hair to fall out.

Lucky for wannabe-blondes and hairstylists everywhere, Gomez's hair gurus Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee just shared the exact how-to for achieving what they're calling "Nirvana Blonde." And how it's possible to go from brunette to Cobain-blonde in just one day.

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Addressing hairstylists on Instagram, Capri wrote: "When your client brings in a picture of #NirvanaBlonde, you pull up this informational insta and let them know it took 9 hours, about 300 foils, and 8 bowls of bleach, all with 2 stylist[s] working together simultaneously." The process isn't easy, but the results are clearly worth it.

"It was a nice long patient process of baby fine slices, then going back and opening each foil and reapplying, but done in one sitting," she writes. "Anything is possible in one day, it just takes time, no other clients ha, and patience to maintain the integrity of the hair."

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Her last piece of advice? Patience—on both the hairdresser and client's behalf. "And to all you clients that want this, hopefully, this explains the process a bit better so you can now be VERY patient with your stylist," she writes.


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