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All The Short Korean Hairstyles We Want To Try In 2020

We just want to look like our fave K-idol, TBH.
PHOTO: (left) instagram/jungyeontwice; (right) instagram/jung.eunha

Fact: We turn to Koreans to serve as our guide and inspo for a lot of things, from makeup to fashion, and a whole lot more. This time, we're focusing on ~hairstyles~. Raise your hand if you've ever been guilty of showing your hairstylist a picture of your favorite K-idol in the hopes of replicating their 'do? (We know we are!)

To give you more options, we've compiled a list of short Korean hairstyles that we want to try in 2020 because we just can't get enough. Keep on scrolling to find your new inspo:

  1. Short Korean Hairstyle: Lee Sung Kyung's Bob

    Lee Sung Kyung's role as the adorable Kim Bok Joo had us wanting to try out her hairstyle ASAP. It's a blunt bob with bangs, which is easy enough to replicate. If we can't eat her dad's Bok Chicken, we can at least have the same 'do as hers!

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  2. Short Korean Hairstyle: Bae Suzy's Shaggy Bob

    Bae Suzy always sported long, wavy hair, but for her role in While You Were Sleeping, she got a shaggy bob. Not a lot of people can pull this hairstyle off, but she certainly did!

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  3. Short Korean Hairstyle: Jeongyeon's Pitch Black Bob

    Jeongyeon of K-pop girl group TWICE's pitch black bob created the perfect contrast from her angelic white attire in the "Feel Special" music video.

  4. Short Korean Hairstyle: Jisoo's Pink Blunt Bob + Full Bangs

    Jisoo of BLACKPINK can rarely be seen nowadays without her signature long dark brown locks. In 2018, however, for their "DDU-DU DDU-DU" music video, she donned a pink blunt bob wig *with* full bangs!

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  5. Short Korean Hairstyle: Pony's Rose Gold Chin Bob

    Pony, or Hye-Min Park, is one of South Korea's most famous beauty gurus, but her makeup prowess isn't the only thing she's known for. She's quite the hair chameleon, too! Before sporting long locks, she had this rose gold bob (which we're absolutely showing to our hairstylist in our next appointment, TYVM).

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  6. Short Korean Hairstyle: Go Joon Hee's Versatile Bob

    South Korean actress Go Joon Hee wears her bob in a variety of ways: From pretty curls, sleek and straight, to even pairing it with full bangs!

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  7. Short Korean Hairstyle: Eunha's Classic Black Bob

    Eunha, the lead vocalist of GFriend, wears her bob in a lot of ways and in different colors, but we're particularly drawn to the time she dyed it black. Follow her cue and use a bejeweled clip to add a little ~oomph~ to your 'do.

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  8. Short Korean Hairstyle: Taeyeon's Silver Wavy Bob

    We're so used to Taeyeon's long, wavy light brown locks, but remember when she made a strong case for silver hair? It looked so edgy, especially when she wore a black leather jacket.

  9. Short Korean Hairstyle: Amber Liu's Edgy Silver Undercut

    Amber Liu went through a lot of hair changes since her days in f(x), but her edgy silver undercut is our favorite—we feel like it suits her personality the best!

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  10. Short Korean Hairstyle: IU's Bob + Sheer Bangs

    Before we were trying to recreate IU's hairstyles from Hotel del Luna, she was out here sporting a bob with sheer bangs. So cute!

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  11. Short Korean Hairstyle: Hani's Sleek Bob

    Hani of EXID's sleek, straight bob is a refreshing change from all the soft and wavy hairstyles we usually see.

  12. Short Korean Hairstyle: Kang Taeri's Blonde Bob

    We are living for Kang Taeri's blonde bob adorned with a black headband—she looks like a modern-day Alice in Wonderland!

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  13. Short Korean Hairstyle: Chaeyoung's A-Line Bob

    We love Chaeyoung of TWICE's A-line bob—it complements her doll-like features!

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  14. Short Korean Hairstyle: Lee Joo Young's Shaggy Silver Pixie Cut

    Lee Joo Young may have had jet black hair for her role as Lee Sun-ok in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, but she did a complete 180 and dyed her shaggy pixie cut a beautiful silver hue.

  15. Short Korean Hairstyle: Choa's Soft Bob

    We're a big fan of Choa's hairstyle + outfit in the music video of AOA's "Excuse Me"! To recreate the soft bob, here's a tutorial you can follow.

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