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Should You Get A Pixie Cut?

And other hair concerns.

Chopping your hair off is not the easiest decision in the world.

It is an emotional rollercoaster that involves looking at a gazillion Pinterest boards, and discussing cuts and colors with your officemates over lunch before you actually have the courage to walk inside a hair salon. By the time you hit your stylist's chair, you probably would have chickened out and said, "Trim na lang, kaya?"

So we sought the help of Piandre's Creative Director Andrea Zulueta to make life easier for you! Here, a couple of things to consider before you get a pixie cut.

1. Face shape is EVERYTHING.

Truth is, not everyone can get a pixie cut. "Someone with a strong or pointed jaw line will look best with short hair," says Andrea—and it's true. There's a reason why celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman can get away with a shaved head (literally), because they have such a beautiful jawline. Don't fret, though. Oval-faced babes can still get a short cut, according to Andrea. Just look at Jennifer Lawrence—who is WERQING her bob.


2. Consider your hair texture.

Before you do anything, ask your hairstylist if your mane's texture is ideal for a crop cut. "A pixie cut isn't recommended for girls with thick and dry hair, because your hair will just stick out," says Andrea. Ask your stylist to check any hair growth patterns like whorls in your nape area and crown, as that could affect how your bob would look, too.

3. Low maintenance? Not really.

While it's true that having short hair allows you to just wash and go, you still have to go back to the salon once every 4-6 weeks to get a trim. 


If you do get a pixie cut, and you're not entirely happy about it—always remember that it's just hair! Tutubo rin 'yan, girl.

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