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23 ~*Pretty*~ Ways To Wear Side Bangs

They're back and better than ever.
Best Hairstyles With Side Bangs
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/hairbyruslan, Instagram/goldenbarbie

Yes, '70s curtain bangs and '90s hair clips are having a moment, but guess what? Y’all are about to regret the ~smack~ you've been talking about side hair parts for the last year, because they’re back, baby! Well, kind of. The side bangs that reigned supreme in the early aughts are making a comeback, and they look cooler than ever. And it's not just me and my tall forehead who prefer side bangs (IMO, they never went out of style): Take a look around and see how many people on your feed are pushing their bangs to the side these days. Or, fine, don't, and just let me show you instead with these 23 v cute pics of the side-bang trend in action rn. So ready or not, here are all the side-bangs hairstyles that will be all over your feeds soon.

23 Hairstyles With Side Bangs To Try

  1. Classic Sideswept Bangs

    Let's start off strong with some textbook side bangs, as seen on Rowan Blanchard. Parted over one eye, these thick bangs graze your brows and end just above the opposite eye. Highly suggest pairing these with a long, layered bob cut for obvious reasons.

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  2. Clipped-Back Side Bangs

    Look! A Gen Zer wearing a side part, so you know it's cool. Just when you think a trend has passed, it comes back even better than before (looking at you, baguette bags). The Prada hair clip helps, too. This is basically the answer to "how to style grown-out bangs," so you're welcome.

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  3. Pixie With Side Bangs

    Side bangs can be short bangs, ya know! Ask for some short pieces swept to the side along with your pixie for a look like this, and then use a flat-iron to straighten the ends for a piece-y finish.

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  4. Bouncy Blowout With Side Bangs

    You've got the eye-covering side bangs of the '00s and the bouncy curls of the '90s—this is the ultimate throwback hairstyle. Go ahead and order a new hot roller set if you tossed your old one...a decade ago.

  5. Dramatic Side-Swept Bangs

    I mean, tell me this look would be the same without the big, bouncy bang? It might be a side bang, but it is absolutely the main course. Here's a tip for ya: Wrap your bangs (or long layers, if you have commitment issues) around a velcro roller while you do your makeup to get body like this.

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  6. Curly Bang Updo

    If you're looking for a super-cute, super-easy hairstyle that you could DIY, this is it. The more loose curls around your face, the dreamier, so you really can't mess this one up—the messier, the better.

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  7. Glam Wave Side Bangs

    Middle parts are timeless, too, but Old Hollywood waves just beg for a side part and dramatic swooped bangs. Use your curling wand to curl all your strands in one direction, then once they've cooled, brush through them to soften them.

  8. Deep Side Bangs

    If you have a hard time keeping your side bangs with a deep part swooped to one side, try a longer length, like these chin-grazing layers. Also, a good idea if you're currently growing your bangs out.

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  9. Straight Bangs and Curls

    Straight side bangs with curls in the back? Timeless, I tell ya. Make sure you have the right hair tie and curly hair gel, and you can pull off this long, curly hairstyle, no prob.

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  10. Half-Up With Bangs

    This half-up, half-down hairstyle with long side bangs over one eye is giving me early '00s, and I'm not mad about it.

  11. Long, Subtle Side Bangs

    If you like bangs but don't want them to be so noticeable, pair longer side bangs with soft curls and long layers to meld everything together, like this wavy hairstyle.

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  12. Tousled Side Bangs

    I call this the accidental side bang. Ya know, when you flip your hair to one side and your bangs kinda stay like that, and you really kinda like it? It's effortless and a good way to try on side bangs to see if you like them before committing to cutting your long hair.

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  13. Side-Swept Bangs and Tendrils

    Don't want to give up your beloved side tendrils? I hear you, so keep 'em! Just add side-swept bangs for lots of face-framing pieces in your layered haircut.

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  14. Slicked Side Bangs

    Slicked bangs, straight ponytail, blunt ends—those are the words to tell your stylist when you ask for this long hair with bangs look next, because I know you want to.

  15. Curly Bun and Side Bangs

    The curly bun hairstyle is perfect on its own but the cheekbone-grazing curl on the side? C'mon. So cute.

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  16. Low Pony With Bangs

    The trick to getting your bangs to stay perfectly positioned and spread apart? Hairspray and a small boar bristle brush. Shape it how you want, then spray it to lock it in and prevent your bangs from clumping together.

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  17. Faux Bob and Faux Side Bangs

    Faux side bangs and a faux bob?! Here for it. Pull your hair back into a loose, short ponytail (a looser ponytail will make your bob more realistic), then flip the tail underneath to hide it and create a shorter length.

  18. Side Bangs With Headband

    Another genius way to fake a side bang (or prevent them from falling in your face) is to tuck the ends of your front section into a tight circle headband.

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  19. Beachy Side Bangs

    I'm a big fan of the beach wave and side bang combo, hbu? To get short beach waves like this, you can use a heatless styling technique, like braids, or a wand with some texture spray.

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  20. Wet-Look Bangs

    While we're on the topic of heat-free hairstyling, try this wet hair look on your side bangs. Arguably the worst part about bangs is how quickly they get greasy. Embrace it and make it look intentional by slathering hair oil all over.

  21. Long Side Bang

    Does it count as a bang if it's past your shoulder? I vote yes, especially when the rest is pulled back into a high bun like this. It's such a good look for a special occasion or a holiday party hairstyle, aaaand you can definitely just do it with your regular, long-length hair too.

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  22. Blunt Bangs Pushed to the Side

    So you just got blunt bangs, huh? Push 'em to the side and voilà: Side bangs. Pairing sleek, straight bangs like this with a straight, long ponytail just makes sense.

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  23. Side-Parted and Pulled Back

    Instead of braiding your bangs down, leave 'em out and emphasize your side part with half your hair braided back and the other half down and free.


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