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This 6-Year-Old's Hair Is Cooler Than Yours

Don’t you wish your office would let you do this?
PHOTO: Instagram/marythomatson

Lyra Thomaston hasn’t even hit puberty, yet she already reeks coolness. Seriously. The 6-year-old calls Mary Thomaston, a Florida-based hairstylist, mom, so it’s really no surprise that Lyra’s long hair is #mermaidgoals.

Just look at those varying shades of blue and green.

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So pretty!

As if that’s not jealousy-inducing enough, Lyra also has the coolest undercut. No, I’m not ashamed of the number of times I’m going to repeat the world “cool” in here.

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Even cooler styled in a braid!

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What a cutie pie! <3

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