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Stressed Over Hair Fall? You *Need* To Try This New Keratin Conditioner

Add it to your hair care routine, stat!

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ICYDK, we naturally lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair every day, which makes hair fall pretty normal! But if you’re shedding more than usual, we understand that it can feel stressful to see strands everywhere at home. 

Hear us out, though: Stressing over hair fall can lead to—surprise!—even worse hair fall. This is because chronic stress can slow down the growth process of hair follicles. When this happens, it takes a while for hair to grow back, leading to a higher risk of thinning hair. 

When dealing with stress-induced hair fall, the best way to go about it is to learn how to manage your stress levels. For one, going for a healthy lifestyle which includes proper exercise, mindful eating, and getting enough rest can work wonders. Making time for relaxation activities like yoga and meditation can also help keep your stress at a tolerable level.

When it comes to hair care, it pays to use products that can help make your locks feel strong. If your hair fall is getting out of hand, try our new discovery: Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Hair Fall Defiance. This new product line from Cream Silk features two essentials: an ultra conditioner and a treatment shot. Below, some of the *key* reasons why you need to give these a try:

They use keratin to help fight breakage. 

FYI, keratin is a form of protein that makes up our hair strands. When infused in our hair products, this wonder ingredient can also offer a ton of benefits.

With regular use, Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Hair Fall Defiance Ultra Conditioner and Treatment Shot can help make your locks feel strong with their keratin essence, repair hair damage thanks to keratin serum, and aid in managing unruly strands because of their keratin relaxers. 

They’re infused with revolutionary hair fibers.

These new anti-hair fall products don't just rely on keratin to help you deal with your shedding issue. They also feature Cream Silk’s revolutionary fiber actives, which penetrate the strands at a cellular level to nourish your hair from within. 

They’re easy to add to your hair care routine.

Let’s be honest: These days, the most effective hair care routine is the one you can sustain. And we promise, using these products takes almost no extra effort! You just need to apply the ultra conditioner daily after rinsing your shampoo, the way you would any other conditioner. As for the treatment shot, you can apply it once a week to help you get gorgeous locks. That's it! Super easy, right?

They’re both accessible and affordable.

The ultra conditioner starts at P152 for a 170-mL bottle, but is also available in a 340mL-bottle or in a sachet with 10mL. The treatment shot (that, again, you just have to use once a week) is just P49 for a 12-mL bottle. The best part? You can shop these products online or at the nearest supermarket or department store during your next errand run—no need to go out of your way to shop your anti-hair fall essentials!

Shop Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Hair Fall Defiance Ultra Conditioner and Treatment Shot at the nearest department store or online via Cream Silk's Lazada and Shopee pages. To learn more about Cream Silk, visit All Things Hair at or at

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