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How To Style Your Hair To Make Your Selfies Look So Much Better

Cop it from these influencers and learn from their tricks of the trade.
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Everyone takes selfies. Whether you snap one for private use (to check how you look) or for the public to see (to break your IG feed’s OOTD streak), when you feel and look good, there’s really no shame in taking selfies.

Sadly, no matter how much you’re GGSS, there are days when your hair just won’t cooperate, ruining what could be another perfect selfie. To get some hair tips, look to Pinay influencers. Hair that’s on point might just be one of the many perks of the job, but these girls seem to have it even when they’re going for a low-maintenance look.

Short loose curls, as seen on Yanna Cowper

Whoever said that short hair needs no styling couldn't be more wrong. Yanna loves the outdoors and usually sports a natural ‘do, but she sure knows how to glam it up when needed. Cop the bouncy loose curls by dividing your hair into a few sections and, with a curling iron or wand, start curling each section away from the face. After curling your hair, loosen the curls by finger-combing through the locks.

For the perfect selfie: Got an electric fan nearby? Turn it on to the lowest setting, distance yourself from the front of the fan so it’s only a gentle breeze, and finally, strike a pose. The result? A dramatic selfie with an added wind effect.

Long wavy hair, as seen on Aliza Apostol

As a mom on the go, it may seem like Aliza has no time to style her hair, but this mom-preneur shows us that a wavy hairstyle is an easy way to show off your long locks with minimal effort. For heat-treated natural-looking waves, use a flatiron and wrap a small section of your tresses around one paddle, then slide the flatiron down the length of your hair. No flatiron? No problem. Just tie your hair into a low bun, then let it loose after a couple of hours. Finger-comb to finish the look.

For the perfect selfie: Rest your chin on your hand and flash that flirty smile for the camera.

Sharp edgy waves, as seen on Erika Kristensen

Pair a daring eye makeup look with soft tousles to create an edgy vibe à la Erika Kristensen. To achieve this look, use a curling wand with a half-inch barrel. There’s no need to portion your hair for this type of curl, so just start at the back then move towards the front.

For the perfect selfie: *Smize* straight into the camera while just barely holding the tips of your hair to low-key bring attention to your fab tresses.

Luscious locks, as seen on CJ Jaravata

Sometimes a photo won’t do a great look justice, so go ahead and take a video. This way, you get to play around with your hair and show it off a bit more. CJ likes to stay active and is always under the sun, but she still manages to have gorgeous hair, and that deserves a spotlight of its own. For a sexy, just-got-out-of-bed hair like CJ’s, simply create a dramatic side part. If your usual side part isn’t doing it for you, flip your hair to the other side to get instant volume.

For the perfect selfie-video: Turn your head from one side to another ever so slightly to show off your bouncy waves. Do this in natural light, but a little help from a ring light won't hurt either.

What's more, these influencers know all too well that having beautiful hair is not an accident but the result of proper maintenance using only the most effective products. All four use Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue, a conditioner that’s packed with three times more keratin to help tame rebellious frizz, revive hair health, and restore natural shine. Available in Ultimate Straight for rebellious, frizzy hair, and Ultimate Repair for dull and damaged hair, this keratin-rich product is just the solution you need to nail your selfies with #UltimatelyBeautifulHair.

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