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The Clueless Girl's Guide To Hair Removal

Sugaring vs. waxing vs. depilatory cream-ing.


The cheapest method in the book, shaving uses a sharp razor to remove the hair at the skin’s surface. The hair that grows back feels coarser and thicker because when you shave, you shave the soft tip of the hair. It’s a quick and painless fix for when you don’t have time to go to your nearest salon as hair grows fast after two days. You can use this on any part of the body, most especially the legs, arms/armpits, and the pubic region, but be careful as this can cause ingrown hairs.

*Can be done at home and by yourself


Fast, but can be painful, plucking or tweezing is a good method to use on smaller areas like your brows or armpits. It’s a process where one manually pulls a few strands of unwanted hair from the root with a tweezer. Hair grows after three to eight weeks. This can also cause ingrown hairs if not done correctly. Also, be careful if you have sensitive skin as plucking or tweezing can cause irritation and redness.

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*Can be done at home and by yourself


Originating in Central Asia and India, threading is an ancient method of hair removal that involves using an anti-bacterial cotton thread, which is twisted and rolled over the skin to remove the entire hair from the follicle. It lasts for four to six weeks—making this your best bet for small areas like eyebrows and facial hair (and pits, too!). Threading is faster and quicker than plucking, and less painful than waxing.

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*Best done by a pro


Waxing is done by applying hot or cold wax over the skin and is removed by putting a strip of cloth over it (in the case of hot wax) and then yanking it in the opposite direction of your hair growth to remove hair by the follicle. Sounds painful right? Yes, but this method is pretty effective. Both types of wax are suited for larger areas of the body (but can be used on smaller areas as well!). Make sure that you have at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch of hair to make this effective. Smooth, hair-free areas are possible for two to eight weeks, depending on the area of the body. Regrowth of hair comes out softer, too.

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Here, we list down the differences between hot and cold wax:

Hot Wax

This type makes hair removal easier as the heat softens the hair follicles and has better grip of the hair. It’s also good for those with sensitive skin since the hot wax strips the hair without any irritation.

Cold Wax

Easier and faster to use, but can cause skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

*If done at home and by yourself, start with easy areas like the legs. Otherwise, best done by a pro!


Similar to wax, but it's said to be less painful and slightly more expensive. This method requires a paste or gel applied on the skin and yanked out to get hair from the root. Like waxing, it can be used on larger areas of the body and keeps hair away for two to eight weeks. Since sugaring contains more or less natural ingredients, the method is good for those with sensitive skin. Also, the risk of burning is reduced with this method since the paste or gel applied has a lower temperature than your usual hot wax.

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*Best done by a pro

Depilatory Creams

Made with chemicals that remove hair by breaking down the hair shaft, depilatory creams are a fast and easy way to remove hair without the pain wax and sugaring can cause (read: 100% pain-free!). It’s done by applying the cream to the area, leaving it for five to ten minutes, and removed with a scraper and/or a washcloth. It lasts longer than a shave, but not as long as waxing and sugaring, since it’s not removed at the root. So expect to see hair after a few days to a week. Be careful though, as leaving the cream for too long can cause damage to the skin. Like shaving, plucking, and tweezing—it’s an easy DIY fix for when you only have ample time to get ready.

*Can be done at home and by yourself


Laser is only the most effective long-term hair removal method in the list. The trade-off? The price! But before you start looking for cheaper options, give this one a chance, girl. Laser works by destroying the roots of the hair with a pulse of intense light, so after eight sessions or more, you can start seeing fine to no hair at all. Monthly touch-ups are followed after that to ensure no hair will grow. The interval between each session is at least six to nine weeks, depending on the area. This method can be done on any part of the body. Although effective, it doesn’t work well with light, blonde hair because melanin (the one responsible for our sun spots and makes our hair dark) levels are too low. Why? It’s only effective when there is a big diff between the hair color and the skin around it.

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*Only done by a pro, better if there is a doctor present.


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