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The Future Of Shaving Is Here!


Updated October 16, 2015: News reports state that the Laser Razor has been pulled out of Kickstarter. Read the full story here

We’d like to think of shaving as a necessary evil. Because while the feeling of having hair-free skin is absolutely gratifying, shaving itself is such a bitch. Blunt disposable razors! Skin infections! INGROWN HAIR! Razor cuts!

It’s exactly because of the perils of shaving that the Skarp Laser Razor was born. The shaver uses laser technology to target hair at the root to prevent future growth. It results to a close and clean shave sans the risk of normal shaving problems.

So freaking cool, right?

The Telegraph also reports that one of the founders of Skarp is Morgan Gustavsson, who also invented Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), the technology many dermatologists use for permanent hair removal today. So we do have very high hopes for this one.

Learn more about Skarp on their Kickstarter page here

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