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These Girls Tried Shaving Their Faces And They Actually Liked It!

"[Shaving cream] smells like a boy. I wanna make out with myself."

Remember when we wrote that article about the best hair removal technique for you and why y'all shouldn't even think about shaving your face, because that's just wrong? Well, a couple of girls decided it was A-okay to shave their faces. As in, with actual shaving cream.

Spoiler alert: The video is golden, you guys. A girl had a little shaving boo-boo and ended up with cream up her nostrils, and temporarily couldn't breathe. LOL!

One girl even said, "[Shaving cream] smells like a boy. I wanna make out with myself. I love this scent so much," while another said, "Actually, this is kind of erotic."

Sooo, would you ever shave your face like these girls? Because we still wouldn't.


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