These Inspiring IG Posts Are The Perfect Definition Of #HairLove

Take a cue from these girls who are making the rounds online!
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Ever found yourself loving your hair one minute, and then wanting to shave off half your head the next? Our love-hate relationship with our hair can be something worth expressing—more so when it tells a story that can't be shared in any other way. And in this day and age, what better way to express yourself than by posting on social media? Here are five girls whose Instagram posts are the ultimate expressions of 1. Stand out from the crowd.

2. Be uninhibited!

Allow your hair to empower you by shaving half of your head, just like 3. Reveal your passions.

Enjoy doing what you love without worrying about something as trivial as hair damage! Take it from 4. Keep doing you!

"Life without color is boring," says 5. Never settle.

Your straight hair does not have to look like everyone else's. Instead, do it like To learn more about Dove, click

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