Things Only Girls With Buhaghag Hair Can Relate To

The struggle is totally real.

1. Everyone suggests that you get your hair relaxed/rebonded/straightened.
Like that's the solution to everything. P.S. It's not.

2. Once you do go through with it, you immediately regret it and hate your now too-flat and too-straight hair. 

3. Finding the perfect cut that will flatter your hair is almost as impossible as getting the enchanted ring to Mordor.

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4. Getting your hair to cooperate and looking polished is a daily struggle.
Seriously, the struggle is SO real.

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5. Formal and important events require serious hair planning.
This means having to figure out if you have enough time to go to a salon for a blow-out or if you'll have to wing it (which usually means having to braid it or slathering a few serums on).

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6."Mahangin ba sa labas?" 
Nope. It's not. My hair just woke up like this.

7. Speaking of serums, you've tried a wide selection of hair products to help tame your buhaghag hair before finding THE ONE.

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