Things Only Girls With Buhaghag Hair Can Relate To

The struggle is totally real.

1. Everyone suggests that you get your hair relaxed/rebonded/straightened.
Like that's the solution to everything. P.S. It's not.

2. Once you do go through with it, you immediately regret it and hate your now too-flat and too-straight hair. 

3. Finding the perfect cut that will flatter your hair is almost as impossible as getting the enchanted ring to Mordor.

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4. Getting your hair to cooperate and looking polished is a daily struggle.
Seriously, the struggle is SO real.

5. Formal and important events require serious hair planning.
This means having to figure out if you have enough time to go to a salon for a blow-out or if you'll have to wing it (which usually means having to braid it or slathering a few serums on).

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6."Mahangin ba sa labas?" 
Nope. It's not. My hair just woke up like this.

7. Speaking of serums, you've tried a wide selection of hair products to help tame your buhaghag hair before finding THE ONE.

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