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This Girl's Long, Rainbow-Colored Hair Is Magical

Like Rapunzel, only cooler.
PHOTO: Instagram/treelocks

We just found the real-lifebut coolerversion of Rapunzel, you guys. World, meet 31-year-old Trisha Reibelt:

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The Daily Mail reports that she hasn’t had a “proper haircut” since 2004, which means she’s been letting her locks flow freely for 12 years. Unlike other women who gained internet fame from being tagged as real-life Rapunzels, Trisha’s locks are rainbow-colored, meaning they're harder to maintain.

To keep her hair in top shape, she touches up her roots every three months with the help of her best friend. “Bleaching it takes a couple of hours, followed by at least three to five hours (depending on whether she has help) to add in color,” she explains. She keeps her hair color for about a month before letting it fade.

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Surprisingly, her haircare routine is pretty simple. “Maintenance-wise, I actually don't do too much with my hair. I wash it once a week with silicone-free shampoo and conditioner and normally like to finish with a vinegar rinse,” she said.

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