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This Mom Gives Her Daughters The Best Hairstyles Ever

#HAIRGOALS, you guys!

In grade school, we all had that one (unless you were THAT one) classmate who always had the nicest and prettiest hairdo, while we were stuck with our pigtails and ponytails (we still love you, mom!).

UK-based hairstylist Beth Belshaw decided she didn't want to give her two daughters basic hairdos. Because she IS a hairstylist.

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Aside from running her online hair shop, Beth documents her hair adventures on Instagram and YouTube. Her hairstyles have gained such a huge following online that she has almost 500,000 followers on IG alone. 

Check out her four-strand braid:

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How 'bout her half birdcage braid:

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Her ballet bun will make ballerinas envious:

Here’s a hybrid of a pretzel braid and pigtails:

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Check out her pretty braided updo:

~*flower rosettes*~

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This stinkin’ cute bow hair:

Her braided bun is faaaaaar from basic.

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And a soft dutch braid updo that we’re dying to learn how to do:

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