This New Hair Coloring Technique Involves Glass

As in, glass.

Forget foil and balayage, hand-pressed hair coloring is the latest trend in hair dyeing. NYC-based hair expert Chiala Marvici came up with the idea of using a custom-cut sheet of glass to hand press color onto her client’s locks.

First, different colors and shades of hair dyes are painted onto a six-inch plexiglass. She then takes a section of hair and lays it flat against the glass. Using a putty knife, she presses the colors against the hair, mixing all the shades together.

The result? Instant depth, dimension, and shine.

So how exactly did this new hair coloring technique happen? Chiala explains to Allure, “I know it sounds strange, but I had a dream where I saw multiple layers of patterns and sheets of color, one in front of the other.” Cool, right?!

Hand-pressed hair color isn’t available in the Philippines yet, but it’s so exciting to know that more hair coloring techniques have been invented. It's a great time to be alive.

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