This Weird Way to Color Your Hair Will Give You Amazing Highlights

It's like balayage, but it's a technique called "fluid hair painting."

You've probably heard of balayage (the super-popular highlighting technique in which the colorist paints dye or bleach freehand onto your hair for a natural, sun-kissed look), ​but does fluid hair painting ring a bell? 

Michigan-based hair colorist KL Christoffersen created the new technique, which is similar to balayage, where a colorist paints the color on you strands freehand while using a table for support. The table apparently makes the process a little more controlled, for a result that's just as gorgeous. 

Christoffersen explained her process to Modern Salon

Instead of the client sitting up (as in traditional balayage), we have them reclined in a chair with their head resting on the edge of a color table. Because their hair is fanned out, it gives me the ability to thoroughly look over every strand to see how the color melts from top to bottom. Plus, no matter how the client parts their hair you're able to give them a tailored, multidimensional color because you can visually see how everything will collapse together. ​

If that sounds a little confusing, here's what the process looks like in action. 


The best part is that you can choose to do subtle, sun-kissed highlights or go super-bold with bright colors and pastels for more of a mermaid-looking balayage effect.

Starting in December, Christoffersen is offering classes for colorists to learn her technique, so it's not too long before you'll be able to get it done at a salon near you.

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